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Watch Up in the Air Movie Online Streaming No Downloading. This Movie released on Dec 4, 2009 Wide on the Theatres. Now, You able to watch this Drama,Romance,Comedy movie without downloading within 1 hr. 49 min.. Jason Reitman's adaptation of the novel Up in the Air tells the story of Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who makes his living personally handing out pink slips -- he's the top hatchet man at a company that other companies hire when they are downsizing. And since business is booming, his job keeps him on the go constantly. He flies all across the country, staying in a series of nice hotels. And although this itinerant lifestyle prevents him from having any kind of stable, regular life, this doesn't bother him in the slightest -- he's thrilled to be a boy in a traveling bubble. During one particular layover, he strikes up a conversation with Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga), a fellow savvy traveler. They bond over the ins and outs of various airlines and hotels, and quickly fall into bed. By morning, they are figuring out when their schedules will allow them to meet up again, even though they both make it clear that there are no strings attached. When Ryan arrives back in the home office, he meets no-nonsense career-oriented twentysomething Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), a fast-rising up-and-comer who wants to change the company's practices and save millions by having the staff fire people remotely via webcams. Furious at the thought of losing a lifestyle he's grown quite comfortable with, he convinces his boss (Jason Bateman) to let him take Natalie on a few trips so that she can learn what it's really like to fire someone. Melanie Lynskey, Danny McBride, and J.K. Simmons co-star in this Best Picture Academy Award nominee. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi .If You Like this movie you can streaming Up in the Air movie without downloading HERE
Release Date Up in the Air Dec 4, 2009 Wide

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George Clooney,Vera Farmiga,Anna Kendrick,Jason Bateman,Danny McBride,Melanie Lynskey,Amy Morton,Sam Elliott,J.K. Simmons,Zach Galifianakis,Chris Lowell,Adam Rose,Norman Reedus,Tamala Jones

Visitor Rating & Critics For Up in the Air

User Rating Up in the Air : 3.7
User Percentage For Up in the Air : 76 %
User Count Like for Up in the Air : 200,715
All Critics Rating For Up in the Air : 8.1
All Critics Count For Up in the Air : 260
All Critics Percentage For Up in the Air : 91 %

Genres Up in the Air : Drama,Romance,Comedy

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Review For Up in the Air

The pitch-perfect direction by Jason Reitman perfectly balances comedy and drama.
Lou Lumenick-New York Post

Director Jason Reitman brings such splendid balance and nuance to Bingham's story that you can't hate the man; indeed you end up pitying him.
Tom Long-Detroit News

From taxi to touchdown, Reitman knows how to get us to the next destination.
Lisa Kennedy-Denver Post

Jason Reitman's dry, moving "comedy," based on the Walter Kirn novel, is a sly indictment of Corporate America, Marketing America and Frequent Flying America.
Roger Moore-Orlando Sentinel

I think that this is a classic in the making.
A.O. Scott-At the Movies

Once again, Reitman the screenwriter gives Reitman the director an excuse to ponder the spaces between us and the ties that bind. Or don't.
Amy Biancolli-San Francisco Chronicle

There is perhaps no film that represents the present better ...
Greg Maki-Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

Sometimes, it suggests, you can fly 10 million miles but never really go anywhere at all.
Neil Pond-American Profile

Up in the Air succeeds because it doesn't take itself that seriously and it's not interested in trying to explain obvious truths to the rest of us plebeians. It just wants to show a moment of fundamental change in a man's life.

Just when you start to wonder where the surprise twists will happen, Reitman defies conventional storytelling.
Matt Kelemen-Las Vegas CityLife

Incisive and occasionally sad, this captured the zeitgeist of the late-Zeroes' tectonically shifting economics. But Jason Reitman's generous, rich, rewarding tragicomedy of occupational dissatisfaction will still wow viewers even after (hopeful) recovery.

Up in the Air is so funny, so consistently surprising and so emotionally in-touch that it could have only been crafted by one of the most soulful directors working today.
Simon Miraudo-Quickflix

Reitman proves with Up in the Air that the sky's the limit for his career - he has proven with his three films to be one of the premiere directors of his generation.
Jason Gorber-Filmfest

Companionship. Independence. Loyalty. Flyer miles. All are a part of the life of George Clooney's corporate downsizer in the timely, and timeless, Up in the Air.
Matthew Pejkovic-Matt's Movie Reviews

One of the pleasures of the film is watching Jason Reitman blossom into a filmmaker light years ahead of the one who made the underwhelming Thank You For Smoking and the overly self-conscious Juno.
Ian Buckwalter-DCist

George Clooney is thoroughly likeable as the amusingly callous Ray - even watching him at the heart-breaking job of terminating folk en-masse is fun, but it is the women that give the film its heart.
Cris Kennedy-Screenwize

Reitman further perfects his sharp, funny, and affecting seriocomic style in crafting films that wildly entertain in the moment and then linger long in the mind and heart.

Life happens... live it one day at a time and connect to whomever you can, even if it's the person losing their job sitting right across from you.
Kevin A.

One of the things that makes George Clooney a great movie star is that he's always letting us know just how much fun he's having being George Clooney.
Sean Burns-Philadelphia Weekly

While it is a good film, a worthy film, a thoughtful film, I'm not sure it is really an Oscar-calibre film. (Blu-ray Edition)
John J. Puccio-Movie Metropolis

As much as it is a comedy in the classic Tracy/Hepburn mold, "Up in the Air" is very much a drama of the moment.
Sean Means-Salt Lake Tribune

Hay tantos ángulos desde donde se puede hablar de esta cinta -responsabilidad social, management, internet, matrimonio, soledad%u2026- que está desde ya, destinada a convertirse en un clásico.
Luis Martinez-Cinenganos

A 21st Century take on downsizing and dating in this no-strings attached age of outsourcing and friends with benefits.
Kam Williams-Sly Fox

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